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Unleash your creativity with the power of words.


The Logosynthesis system of guided change is efficiency in action.

This is about cleaning house, removing from your mental field that which no longer serves you, while strengthening the connection to your higher purpose and personal goals. 

I am no stranger to therapy, both individual and group. I was a bit skeptical of Logosynthesis because the process is so minimal. I can now say that within four sessions Lara and I uncovered TWO core issues that had been in hiding all these years.
— J.Miller, Music Supervisor, Canada


I am a certified Logosynthesis practitioner, instructor, and coach, adept at finding the roots of the issues you are grappling with in your daily life. In dialogue we will identify and dissolve the limiting beliefs, fantasies, and unpleasant memories that hold you back from accomplishing what you wish.

Sessions with Lara are absolutely transformational.
— Vicky van Praag, Life Coach, UK